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Danielle Kopke


My daughter used TutorBright for grade 11 chemistry. She found the tutor to be very good and he helped explain the material in a way her teacher was not. This not only helped her achieve higher scores on the tests, but she enjoyed learning the material with the tutor. She also found the online platform very user friendly. They were also very communicative with me, the parent. I definitely recommend TutorBright if your child needs some assistance with school.


Alicia Bray


It was fairly easy process, and if there was an issue it was a quick email away from getting the issue solved. Would recommend if your child needs some extra help!


Anissa Gibson Slater


Tutor Bright was fantastic at matching my daughter up with a tutor that was not only extremely helpful and she looked forward to meeting up with her every week!


Farley Wellington


I just wanted to say that TutorBright was the best thing I signed my son up for, and the tutor (Izzy) was great with him by instilling confidence in him which he was lacking at the time. Plus his teacher noticed a big difference as well. Izzy helped him with his math and reading comprehension, she also made it fun for him which he loved. I would definitely use TutorBright and especially ask Izzy to help my son again when he needs it.


Jenn Wood


Jessica at Tutorbright was awesome! My son was struggling with Grade 10 Academic Science, Jessica was able to simplify the lessons he was learning in class and give him a stinger understanding so he wouldn’t fall behind! From inquiring about a tutor right until his last lesson, everyone I spoke with at Tutorbright was so friendly and helpful!


Jessica Hopkins


I am thrilled with the exceptional math tutoring my daughter received. The tutor focused on addition and subtraction with an emphasis on speed. She implemented a variety of techniques, games and exercises. This helped my daughter understand the concepts and built her confidence. Madison was patient and encouraging and this has allowed my daughter to thrive at school.


Jo Fraser


My G9 son used TutorBright to help him in English as he was struggling. After 10 sessions he understood more of what was required and also managed to improve his grade. Thank you TutorBright and how they pair each child to a tutor


Stephanie Christie


It was fairly easy process, and if there was an issue it was a quick email away from getting the issue solved. Would recommend if your child needs some extra help!


Mara Eby


We were very pleased with TutorBright! Our daughter in grade 10 was set up with a Math tutor through TutorBright and he helped her immensely. She was able to improve her grades and finish her final exam with a good mark. They were very organized, they looked to find a good tutor match for the student, and the follow up was excellent. I would definately use their services again!


Sayma Tasnim


It’s a very organized company with highly skilled staffs.


Sinisa Erceg


I've had TutorBright assist my son in the last couple of years and it's been a phenomenal experience. The overall staff from top to bottom are nothing but a pleasure to work with. They are thorough, polite and deliver an exceptional service. I highly recommend TutorBright.


Both our kids have been using Tutorbright's service and we are extremely happy, they are very flexible, the tutors are very kind and the fact that the service is remote is a big bonus - there is no running around! We are definitely going to continue with them this year! We highly recommend them!

Family Success Stories

Nicole & 3 Sons

One of Nicole's biggest priorities as a mother to her three boys was to help them build a positive and lifelong relationship with learning. Nicole wanted her kids to be happy, and to feel like they could understand any academic subject and achieve their goals. Nicole gave TutorBright a call and her children were introduced to Tutor-Mentors who showed them new ways to understand math, reading, writing, and many other subjects. Over time, they realized how capable they were and three years later, they are confident students!  Now, Nicole is a happy mom who is thrilled to see how much her kids believe in themselves. Neal, Emmet, and Cooper have bright futures ahead of them!


‘With the extra tutoring through TutorBright, it has allowed them to have confidence in their skills and have confidence in their subject matters. Some of the changes that I’ve seen in the boys is that they’ve begun thinking about their future careers, their future goals…they’re changed so much in the last three years.’

‘We’ve just completed our 3rd year with TutorBright. Each of the Tutor-Mentors have always build a relationship with each of the boys and it makes them want to learn more, they’ve become friends with the Tutor-Mentors.’

‘We started looking for a tutor for (our daughter) Sophia when she was in grade 5 and in previous years she was struggling with math and continued to struggle. There was a lot of pressure on her, and whenever we tried to do homework at home together she would push back and really not pay attention.’

‘The tutor provided mentorship to Sophia, they’re still working together. The goal we worked towards was confidence in math. My experience with TutorBright has been wonderful, we’ve been working with them for 6 years.’


‘The most noticeable change in Scarlett since we began tutoring is her level of confidence in herself. It's in everything she tackles, in her academics.[...]She goes to school happy now, she comes home happy. Scarlett's marks have gone from 60s and 70s, right up into the 90s.'

‘Scarlett's struggles were making school an unpleasant place for her and after a year of struggling, we called TutorBright. She's willing to try new things, to experiment, to make mistakes and learn from mistakes. Mistakes no longer defeat her.’