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Students with dyscalculia require customized support. For over 15 years, families have relied on our one-to-one tutoring to help their children excel in math.

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Dyscalculia is a learning disability that primarily affects math skills and processing math-related concepts. It is characterized by difficulties with number sense, memorization, calculation, and logical reasoning. Dyscalculia can also impact daily activities that require understanding in math.

To support their learning needs, students with dyscalculia often require additional learning strategies. They benefit from structured math programs that focus on building number sense, improving calculation skills, and enhancing problem-solving abilities. Because students with dyscalculia often struggle with abstract concepts and word problems, step-by-step approaches are particularly effective. Consistent and direct educational supports, like those offered by TutorBright, help students with dyscalculia develop the skills they need to succeed academically.

How TutorBright Helps Students with Dyscalculia

We are committed to providing effective support for students with dyscalculia. Here's how our tutors can make a difference:

  • Structured Instruction: Our approach involves clear and structured instruction, breaking down concepts into manageable steps. We ensure that each step is thoroughly understood before moving forward.

  • Practice and Positive Reinforcement: We provide many opportunities for practice and reinforcement of math skills. Our practice activities and frequent review help reinforce learning.

  • Real-World Applications: Tutors help students see the relevance of math concepts in everyday life through practical applications. This increases motivation and engagement in learning, making it easier to retain new concepts.

  • Collaboration with Parents and Educators: By sharing strategies and progress updates, we ensure a collaborative and supportive learning environment for students with dyscalculia.

  • Social and Emotional Support: Our tutors offer strategies for managing stress, building resilience, and cultivating a growth mindset. Additionally, we empower students to advocate for themselves and seek assistance when necessary.

Using these methods, we help students with dyscalculia excel in their studies. Our goal is to support them and help them improve in math while also helping them feel more confident and resilient. At TutorBright, students with dyscalculia receive the individualized support they need to overcome challenges in math and learn the skills necessary to become successful in whatever they do!

Why We Work

Free In-Depth Consultation

Free In-Home Assessment

Free In-Depth Consultation

We start with an in-depth consultation to review the academic goals, learning style, and overall needs.

Personalized Academic Plan

Personalized Academic Plan

Personalized Academic Plan

We create. We tailor a learning program just for your child to help overcome learning gaps, complete their homework, get ahead and provide life long learning skills

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

We match. We choose the perfect tutor-mentor for your child to provide comfort, engagement and raise their confidence to bring the best out of them.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

No more frustrating conversations about homework and tests. Your child will gain a whole new sense of confidence as they succeed in the classroom.

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TutorBright was able to match my son to a great tutor who was very knowledgeable in grade 11 Math and Biology. It really helped take the stress off us parents and saved us a ton of time not having to learn the lessons ourselves and then help teach them back to our son. If you're like me math was not my best subject in school so having the tutor jump right in and take over was totally worth it. Our son passed all his classes and is enjoying a well deserved summer break! Thank you Temmy and the team at TutorBright!




TutorBright was amazing for our son, we had him in another tutoring program and he made more progress in 8 sessions with TutorBright than he did in almost 2 years with the other program. My son loved his teacher and even got really sad when his sessions were done because he wouldn’t get to see her anymore. I can not recommend them enough!




I am thrilled with the exceptional math tutoring my daughter received. The tutor focused on addition and subtraction with an emphasis on speed. She implemented a variety of techniques, games and exercises. This helped my daughter understand the concepts and built her confidence. Madison was patient and encouraging and this has allowed my daughter to thrive at school.


Experienced Tutors for Students with Dyscalculia

Traditional classroom methods often fall short for students with dyscalculia. That's where we come in! We are committed to delivering customized support and expert instruction. We carefully select tutors, ensuring that students receive the experienced guidance they need to thrive in math. With our one-to-one tutoring, students with dyscalculia can build confidence and make meaningful strides in their academics journey.

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