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Early literacy is the key for enduring academic success. For over 15 years, families have trusted TutorBright's specialized reading program.

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Early Readers Program

Literacy is the foundation for all learning, and studies show that students who establish strong reading skills at an early age perform better in all subjects, including math and science. At TutorBright, we offer dedicated one-to-one literacy tutoring for students ages 4 to 10. Our sessions are personalized and flexible, ensuring each child receives the individual support they need to establish strong literacy skills. Whether your child is just beginning to explore letters and sounds or is building on their critical thinking skills, our expert Tutor-Mentors are here to help.

Literacy and Resilience

During the stages of childhood development, language acquisition and expression are directly linked to how children come to understand themselves and the world around them. This relationship between language and perception significantly influences their ability to regulate emotions and develop a strong sense of self-awareness. Such awareness lays the foundation for resilience, a crucial skill that empowers students to confidently navigate new challenges. Our Young Readers program was designed with resilience-building in mind, aiming to help every student feel more confident and empowered throughout their learning journey.

We Cover:

  • Phonics and Decoding

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Written Expression and Composition

  • Vocabulary and Diction

  • Cognitive Skills

Why We Work

Free In-Depth Consultation

Free In-Home Assessment

Free In-Depth Consultation

We start with an in-depth consultation to review the academic goals, learning style, and overall needs.

Personalized Academic Plan

Personalized Academic Plan

Personalized Academic Plan

We create. We tailor a learning program just for your child to help overcome learning gaps, complete their homework, get ahead and provide life long learning skills

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

We match. We choose the perfect tutor-mentor for your child to provide comfort, engagement and raise their confidence to bring the best out of them.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

No more frustrating conversations about homework and tests. Your child will gain a whole new sense of confidence as they succeed in the classroom.

What Parents are saying about us



Based on 498 reviews.


Sinisa Erceg


I've had TutorBright assist my son in the last couple of years and it's been a phenomenal experience. The overall staff from top to bottom are nothing but a pleasure to work with. They are thorough, polite and deliver an exceptional service. I highly recommend TutorBright.


Farley Wellington


I just wanted to say that TutorBright was the best thing I signed my son up for, and the tutor (Izzy) was great with him by instilling confidence in him which he was lacking at the time. Plus his teacher noticed a big difference as well. Izzy helped him with his math and reading comprehension, she also made it fun for him which he loved. I would definitely use TutorBright and especially ask Izzy to help my son again when he needs it.




TutorBright was amazing for our son, we had him in another tutoring program and he made more progress in 8 sessions with TutorBright than he did in almost 2 years with the other program. My son loved his teacher and even got really sad when his sessions were done because he wouldn’t get to see her anymore. I can not recommend them enough!

Early Reader

Levelled Readers

Schools often use levelled readers to assess and guide students' reading progress. Typically implemented in the years from kindergarten to Grade 6, levelled readers incrementally increase in difficulty and complexity. By following a structured literacy system, educators support students with achieving a variety of reading milestones including independent reading and enhanced fluency and processing.

Whether you have levelled readers at home or opt for TutorBright's customized curriculum, we offer targeted support tailored to your child's reading level. Our experienced Tutor-Mentors provide engaging activities, personalized instruction, and a focus on building fluency, comprehension, and confidence.

The TutorBright Approach

We hand-select each Tutor-Mentor for every student – this means we’re always choosing a tutor who is the right fit academically, but also in terms of teaching approach, learning style and personality. We want the focus to be on the connection between the student and the tutor, and that means an exceptional fit. We’ll always make sure we get it right for your child!

Sign Up for the Early Readers Program Today

Contact us to be matched with an experienced tutor who can support your child as they develop strong literacy skills. Our tutors not only have a deep understanding curriculum learned at school, but also know how to create a supportive and fun learning environment. We believe that learning should be enjoyable and engaging to be truly effective.

Give your child the advantage of personalized tutoring support with TutorBright. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

Our Process

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