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At TutorBright, our dedicated one-to-one English tutors specialize in helping students establish a solid foundation in English language and literature. Through personalized support and focused attention, we empower your child to not only approach their English studies with confidence but to also make significant improvements in their reading comprehension and writing skills.

Our Tutors Help With:

Our English Tutoring covers:

  • Grammar and Composition

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Critical Thinking

  • Essay Writing

  • Creative Writing

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar and Syntax

  • Phonics and Decoding

  • Spelling and Punctuation

  • Sentence, Paragraph, and Essay Structure

  • Digital Literacy and Media Literacy

  • AP & IB English

  • University Preparation

Why We Work

Free In-Depth Consultation

Free In-Home Assessment

Free In-Depth Consultation

We start with an in-depth consultation to review the academic goals, learning style, and overall needs.

Personalized Academic Plan

Personalized Academic Plan

Personalized Academic Plan

We create. We tailor a learning program just for your child to help overcome learning gaps, complete their homework, get ahead and provide life long learning skills

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

We match. We choose the perfect tutor-mentor for your child to provide comfort, engagement and raise their confidence to bring the best out of them.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

No more frustrating conversations about homework and tests. Your child will gain a whole new sense of confidence as they succeed in the classroom.

What Parents are saying about us



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We have used TutorBright for both of our children. The tutor we had was engaging, informative and developed a good working relationship with the children. Both my children have a form of dyslexia and with the support of the weekly tutoring they have increased their grades but most importantly confidence and were always happy to have the lesson. We will look to continue going forward and we highly recommend


Reg and Sherry


I can't say enough about our experience with TutorBright. We were impressed right from the beginning when we received our first call in order for TutorBright to gather information and learn more about what we were looking for in a tutor for our daughter. They asked great questions and explained that they wanted to make the best match possible. Shortly after the initial call we received an email proposing a match and provided information regarding the tutor's background and availability (that matched the availability we previously provided to them). We felt that it was a good match so we approved! We were sent information to train on the platform used by TutorBright prior to the first session, which was very helpful. The platform was extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. I knew within 10 minutes into the first tutoring session that my daughter was well-matched. Her tutor really took the time to get to know her both as a student as a person (interests, hobbies, etc.). He always started their sessions off with questions about her interests and followed up on items they spoke about the week prior. He made sure to tailor the sessions around subjects she had an interest in. She looked forward to each session and the entire hour was always fully maximized. TutorBright followed up regularly to ensure we remained happy with the service and our tutor. I would highly recommend TutorBright for any parent/guardian wishing for the child to have extra support




TutorBright was amazing for our son, we had him in another tutoring program and he made more progress in 8 sessions with TutorBright than he did in almost 2 years with the other program. My son loved his teacher and even got really sad when his sessions were done because he wouldn’t get to see her anymore. I can not recommend them enough!


English Tutoring for All Levels

TutorBright offers comprehensive English tutoring tailored to students of varying skill and grade levels. Whether your child is just beginning their journey in school or they require assistance with advanced English courses, tests, and exams, we have the ideal Tutor-Mentor to suit their needs. Our personalized programs are thoughtfully designed to align with your goals and adapt to your child's unique learning style.

Customized English Support

We know that each student possesses their own learning style and faces distinct challenges when it comes to English. Our approach is highly adaptable and personalized to cater to your child's specific needs. Our expert Tutor-Mentors not only provide academic assistance but also work closely with your child to provide targeted guidance and support.

Whether your child requires help with writing assignments and papers, critical thinking, exam preparation, or a deeper understanding of English concepts and terms, our Tutor-Mentors are ready to guide them at every stage. We firmly believe that by customizing our English tutoring to your child's individual needs, we can unlock their full potential and set them on a path to success!

Preparing for College and University

Strong writing and reading skills are essential for success in post-secondary education, regardless of the program students choose. Many programs even require students to complete a writing course in their first year. It's crucial for students to know how to effectively express complex ideas in a well-reasoned and clear manner.

Our English tutors are experts in preparing students for post-secondary education. We understand the importance of developing strong writing and reading skills to excel in university. Whether it's refining essay-writing techniques, improving critical reading abilities, or enhancing communication skills, we can help your child thrive in their academic journey.

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