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15 years of experience

15 years of experience

Voted 5 years of “Best Tutoring Service” By CityParent

Voted 5 years of “Best Tutoring Service” By CityParent

Experienced Certified Tutors

Experienced Certified Tutors


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Markham Tutoring Programs

Markham is one of the fastest growing regions in the GTA, with a population boom of over 50% in the past 20 years! It is now the largest population in the York area! As such, TutorBright understands the expanding and diverse education needs of Marham students, especially as class sizes grow and university admission becomes more and more competitive. We are an in-home and online tutoring company with customised programs that are designed for each student we see. Through relationship based, one-to-one tutoring, we support students of all ages and abilities in building their skills and confidence to reach their education goals, while working with families to give the flexibility to accommodate busy schedules! From early learning to high school and beyond, our experienced Tutor-Mentors are available to help online, and can also travel to a variety of neighbourhoods, including Markham Village, Unionville, Cachet, Cathedraltown, Rouge Fairways, Angus Glen, Sherwood-Amberglen, and many more!


Markham Testimonials



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It has been a great experience in the last 2 months for my daughter, she’s learning and enjoying her online sessions and seems to have helped her confidence in math!


Reg and Sherry


I can't say enough about our experience with TutorBright. We were impressed right from the beginning when we received our first call in order for TutorBright to gather information and learn more about what we were looking for in a tutor for our daughter. They asked great questions and explained that they wanted to make the best match possible. Shortly after the initial call we received an email proposing a match and provided information regarding the tutor's background and availability (that matched the availability we previously provided to them). We felt that it was a good match so we approved! We were sent information to train on the platform used by TutorBright prior to the first session, which was very helpful. The platform was extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. I knew within 10 minutes into the first tutoring session that my daughter was well-matched. Her tutor really took the time to get to know her both as a student as a person (interests, hobbies, etc.). He always started their sessions off with questions about her interests and followed up on items they spoke about the week prior. He made sure to tailor the sessions around subjects she had an interest in. She looked forward to each session and the entire hour was always fully maximized. TutorBright followed up regularly to ensure we remained happy with the service and our tutor. I would highly recommend TutorBright for any parent/guardian wishing for the child to have extra support




TutorBright was amazing for our son, we had him in another tutoring program and he made more progress in 8 sessions with TutorBright than he did in almost 2 years with the other program. My son loved his teacher and even got really sad when his sessions were done because he wouldn’t get to see her anymore. I can not recommend them enough!

Meet Some Of Our Markham Tutor-Mentors



  • Book

    Certified Teacher, Masters Degree in Teaching

  • Book

    Elementary phonics and decoding, Reading comprehension / language, Science, High School English, Math, International Baccalaureate, Social Sciences, Special Needs / Education, ESL

“Bloom where you are planted.”



  • Book

    Certified Teacher, Bachelor of Education, Bachelors of Sociology

  • Book

    Elementary phonics and decoding, Reading comprehension / language, Science, High School English, Math, Special Needs / Education

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou



  • Book

    Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Book

    Reading comprehension / language, Math, Science, Biology, Computer Science

"Work hard in silence, and let success make the noise" - Frank Ocean

Why We Work

Free In-Depth Consultation

Free In-Home Assessment
We start with an in-depth consultation to review the academic goals, learning style, and overall needs.

Personalized Academic Plan

Personalized Academic Plan
We create. We tailor a learning program just for your child to help overcome learning gaps, complete their homework, get ahead and provide life long learning skills

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)

Tailored Tutors (Mentors)
We match. We choose the perfect tutor-mentor for your child to provide comfort, engagement and raise their confidence to bring the best out of them.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.

Happy Kid. Happy Parents.
No more frustrating conversations about homework and tests. Your child will gain a whole new sense of confidence as they succeed in the classroom.

How Our Tutoring Model Helps Markham Students

Leaving Our Mark On Markham!

With our team of skilled Tutor-Mentors available for tutoring Markham students, parents can breathe a sigh of relief. As much as they want their children to succeed, parents aren’t always able to help their kids with school work and it can be frustrating trying to find the right support. For some parents and their children, homework time becomes a painful chore that leaves everyone feeling discouraged. We understand that what students need is someone who takes the time to understand their needs and provide them with learning strategies that work for them. This is where we come in! Every student with TutorBright receives the undivided, one-on-one attention of a Tutor-Mentor and a personalised academic plan that is designed specifically for them.

We know that there is so much more to academic success than just working hard and that’s why our relationship based tutoring approach has helped so many students! We don’t just focus on instruction, but on helping students build the confidence they need to succeed!

We believe that this is the best model because:

  • Virtual and In home tutoring is more comfortable for the child and more convenient for the parent.
    Virtual and In home tutoring is more comfortable for the child and more convenient for the parent.
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    With TutorBright, you know you are getting a certified tutor with a clean police background check – with a private individual, that is left to chance.
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    Your child is matched with the Tutor-Mentor that best suits them.
  • Virtual and In home tutoring is more comfortable for the child and more convenient for the parent.
    Virtual and In home tutoring is more comfortable for the child and more convenient for the parent.
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    We will never lock you into a contract or bulk hours. If you are not happy with our services, you may discontinue them at any time.

Our Process

We know that Markham parents have a choice when it comes to educational support for their child. What sets TutorBright apart from other companies is that we provide more than your standard tutoring experience. Our tutors are called Tutor-Mentors because they are there not only for content support, but to help your child build the confidence and self-esteem to make that learning stick and develop a healthy relationship with learning. It all starts with learning about each student’s academic needs, who they are, how they learn, and what your goals are as their parent. This allows us to find the Tutor-Mentor that will be the just-right match for each child’s unique needs.

Our Process

English Tutors

As a required course in all levels of public education, English class is one of our most requested subjects for academic support. Whether your child is a reluctant reader or needs a little help getting through those big essays, everyone needs a little help from time to time. Luckily, our one-to-one Tutor-Mentors are experts in helping students find the fun in English class by giving them the tools and confidence to read and write effectively at any level!

French Tutors

Not only is learning a second language helpful for a developing brain, but it can open a lot of doors in the job market and beyond when the time comes. In Ontario, one of the most helpful second languages is French, which is why it is a required subject in English schools. At TutorBright, we offer French/English bilingual support and mentorship to all students to help them develop a deeper understanding of the language and succeed in their required French courses.

math Tutors

Math is one of the most requested subjects for tutoring support as many students struggle with math courses throughout their school experience. Since math concepts build upon each other, we know how easy it is to fall behind and get discouraged, especially with those pesky word problems! Luckily, our experienced Tutor-Mentors are experts at making math fun at any age. From number sense to long division to calculus, we’ve got you covered!

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